Most people look for kitchen home improvements when they notice that their cooking spaces are filling up with clutter, and public-facing counters and kitchen islands start showing dents and chips. Our kitchen remodelers and technicians at Benchmark Home Improvements are the proud makers of hundreds of brand-new floor plans and restyled kitchens that families, property managers, and single residents in our many service areas enjoy.

In this article, our professional renovators and project managers will outline which kitchen home improvements you should focus on to optimize your remodeling dollars. We will focus on kitchen cabinets, but we will also include a few tips on maximizing the efficiency and aesthetic value of your countertop, backsplash, and sinks.

No Handles are the New Urban Chic

Whether you are standing in a kitchen in New Market, York, or Downtown Portsmouth, you can find paired-back aesthetic and functional elements that make multi-tasking a breeze. As more people work from home in the Gig Economy, free-flowing designs that relax the eyes and remove stress are becoming more popular. They want their kitchens to look as effortlessly modern as possible, and the most cost-efficient way to do it is to install no-handle cabinets and recycled stone or wood counters.

We work with many homeowners who want their base and upper cabinets to have push-open mechanisms, which give the custom cabinets a seamless and minimalist look. The aesthetics of a no-handles kitchen inspires everyone in a house to keep work surfaces clutter-free and clean. Countertops with knives, plates, and metal straws laying around can clutter up a no-handles kitchen fast, and most homeowners want to stop that from happening.

Introducing Curves to a Square Kitchen Design

When people think of a kitchen, they imagine square cabinet doors, rectangular center islands, and sinks. For 50 years, the only curved objects you can find in a kitchen are stove burners, pots, and plates.

Our designers are seeing a resurgence of curved center islands and cabinetry in single and multi-family homes in the past few years. We love indulging the creativity of homeowners with an eye for interior design. So, when they request us to install rounded kitchen cabinets on the edges of their kitchen islands and the corners of their kitchens where perpendicular counters meet, we’re happy to work with them.

Curved cabinets are one of the few kitchen home improvements that will soften the visual profile of your cooking space. They are hard to create and install DIY, so hire a few professionals when trying them out for the first time.

Open Shelving Gives You Easier Access and More Display Opportunities

Open shelves do what kitchen cabinets, even ones with glass fronts, cannot. With the proper lighting fixtures, they can display your collection of jars, decorative plates, and other tableware for your guests and family members to view.

Open shelves also provide more efficient access to seasonings and other food ingredients. However, they require more maintenance and dedication to keep. Call us to install your open shelves, and we’ll make sure they don’t warp under the weight of your kitchen materials for decades.

Make Kitchen Home Improvements with the Help from Professionals

At Benchmark Home Improvements, we entertain many new clients every month who are looking for brand-new kitchen remodeling ideas to revolutionize and refresh their cooking spaces. With the surging prices of real estate square footage and utilities, everyone wants a more space-efficient kitchen. Whether you are doing a full remodel or just updating the kitchen, call us today at (603) 262-1147, and we’ll help you make kitchen home improvements that will last a lifetime.