Most homeowners are missing out on the benefits of white oak. Traditional oak designs may indeed be outdated, but they make durable and classy cabinets. You can get a trendier, modern feel for your kitchen by updating it with white oak cabinets.

Modern homeowners tend to think that oak cabinets are an outdated trend. Oak cabinets were especially popular among the rich during the 1980s. Past homeowners over-relied on the honey and dark red oak hues, and kitchen remodelers didn’t experiment much with white oak.

Lighter hues are now dominant in modern kitchen design trends. Homeowners are painting softwoods for their kitchen cabinets. As a result, people are ending up with cabinetry that isn’t durable.

Unlike other rooms, kitchens expose furniture to water, steam, and scratching. Installing white oak cabinets provides a lasting, affordable solution. White oak blends with modern kitchen designs while yielding longevity for your furniture.

The Top 4 Reasons to Use White Oak Cabinets for Your Contemporary Kitchen

1.      White Oak Is Durable

Did you know that white oak is used to make wine barrels and ships because it resists leaking and rotting? It’s also resistant to dings and dents.

Most species of oak trees are sturdy and scratch-resistant. The white oak species is dense and has a closed-cell structure. Furniture from this hardwood can withstand accidental scratches and regular exposure to wetness.

2.      Different Species Offer Diverse Color Tones

The main reason oak cabinets fell out of trend was that homeowners kept using the honey and red oak hues. Modern kitchen designs call for lighter color shades contrasted with dark appliances.

White oak has two different color tones: wheat and green-brown. These blend well with modern designs characterized by neutral colors.

3.      Appealing Grain Patterns Provide a Range of Natural Finishes

The red oak cabinets of the past had a single grain pattern, produced via flat cuts. These days, white oak cutters come in diverse, appealing grain patterns.

Through rift-cut milling and quarter sawing, remodelers add dots to straight-grain boards, making for eye-catching natural finishes that you’ll never want to paint. Their natural texture yields an appealing finish.

4.      Staining White Oak Customizes Your Cabinets

The neutral color of white oak makes it amenable to staining a wide variety of colors. Color-coordinate your stains by contrasting them with bronze appliances and dark countertops.

White oak makes it easier to customize your kitchen. You can blend stains with modern kitchen islands. Whatever color scheme you choose, you can achieve a dream kitchen that resembles no other.

Always Go for the Finest White Oak

The kitchen might just be the busiest room in your home. Homeowners also make a lot of memories in their kitchens. For that reason, your kitchen cabinets should look great and last for decades.

At Benchmark Home Improvement, we appreciate that white oak cabinets are the next big thing for modern households. We prefer using North American white oak. It withstands decades of demanding use.

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