SEACOAST Bathroom Remodeling

Benchmark Home Improvements is proud to offer the seacoast bathroom remodeling services.

Where to start when renovating your bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom can feel overwhelming when you’re first starting.  We at Benchmark offer experienced designers to help you make all the choices including the vanity, tile and shower/tub. We recommend first starting with what vanity you prefer.

Benchmark offers a huge variety of vanites in all shapes, styles and sizes. Scroll down to take a peek some of the styles we have to offer.  Don’t see anything you like? Feel free to reach out and we’ll do our best to accomodate your requests!

bathroom vanity


Take a look at some of the different styles of vanities we offer below.  All styles are available in multiple different sizes and colors/finishes to suit your space.

vn add 30 wh wb
van105 36 t
van088 48 t mw
van094d 60 t mw
van100 36 t
van091 30 t
vn adl 36 bl wc
seacoast bathroom remodeling
van090 36 t
van036 t mw
van104 48 t
van103 36 t
grey vanity, seacoast bathroom remodeling
vn cha 48 bl wc
van066d 60 t
vn cad 48 bl wc
van057 30 t mw
White Shaker bath vanity

“Our cabinets were put up in 1956-1959. They didn’t have machines back then do all those cabinets just did not have the wood”that mine were made of, nor did they have the depth, so I knew refacing was our best option and they came out beautiful!”

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If you have any questions on what options are available we are happy to help! Our sales team is always willing to help with the process and finding solutions that will fit your budget. Please reach out anytime and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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