Referral Program

Referral Program

$ Join our partners to make you easy money by turning your Benchmark Home Improvements into an endless opportunity for extra income with our Referral Program! 

$ Once you are a Satisfied Benchmark Home Improvements customer, we invite you to join our partners in a proven Referral Program.

This program is designed to encourage you to promote our company with friends, family and neighbors in need of our unique services. Referral ProgramAnd with each person that purchases a Benchmark Home Improvement, you will earn gas cards for just bragging about your experience with us! 

Here is how the program works:Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Referral Program$$ Contact the people you know who are in the market for our services.

Encourage them to call us at 978-494-4973 | 603-262-1147 or have them fill out the contact form and request a free estimate, mentioning you as the person who referred them.Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Referral Program When they decide to purchase a Benchmark Home Improvement, we will send you a gas card for $150 for any purchase between $4,000 – $8,000 in the mail as soon as the project is complete and all business is settled. You will receive a $300 gas card if they spend over $8,000.Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Referral ProgramKitchen Cabinet Refacing Referral Program

When you register, you will also receive 30% off all your future Benchmark Home Improvements! 

To Join our referral program you must register your information with us so we can easily connect the referral and forward your check to your mailing address. As always, we appreciate your business and we are glad you see the value in hiring your local family owned company. Thank You!Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Referral Program