Shopping on the internet is so common now, with many customers purchasing everything from shoes to cars to kitchen appliances online. Many home renovation customers are also opting to buy kitchen cabinets online.

Benchmark Home Improvements is proud to offer several online shopping options to our customers. We provide speedy design solutions, convenient buying options, and lower costs to traditional cabinet big box stores.

You may be wondering why to select an online store over a brick-and-mortar kitchen cabinet store. Keep reading to learn four benefits of buying kitchen cabinets online.

1. Online Stores Offer a Safer Experience

Internet shopping offers services like free kitchen design or ready-to-assemble cabinets from the comfort of your home. There are a few options to stay safe in selecting your perfect cabinets online:

  • Order samples first. Many cabinet companies offer samples, so you can test the material quality and color in your home.
  • Read positive and negative reviews. Sites like Google, Houzz, and the Better Business Bureau allow customers to post reviews about a cabinet company they’ve used. Look at several reviews to determine if a store is right for your needs.
  • Learn what makes a good quality cabinet. Which material fits your budget? Are the hinges soft-closing? What style of mounting hardware holds shelves in place?

By shopping online, you can explore numerous options to find a style and finish that fits your home whether it’s in New England or across the country in Florida. Online stores offer more varied cabinet inventory than physical inventories at traditional cabinet stores. At a cabinet store, the samples you see on the sales floor might just be what’s left over.

2. Online Stores Offer Lower Costs When Buying Kitchen Cabinets Online

Historically, design centers and showrooms charge customers $15,000-50,000 for kitchen remodeling. Because web stores have fewer overhead costs, they can price their services competitively—below standard retail value to give you fantastic savings. Customers who buy kitchen cabinets online also save money due to increased competition between online retailers, which drives prices down.

3. Shop for Cabinets on Your Own Time

For many, the most alluring aspect of online shopping is the ability to sort through dozens of options from the comfort of their homes. Instead of trekking to multiple showrooms, you can search for new cabinets on your lunch break with just a few clicks on your phone.

4. Benefits of Buying Kitchen Cabinets Online

There are many things to consider when choosing to shop online for kitchen cabinets vs visit a physical store.

When buying online:

  • Shop at your leisure.
  • Browse through galleries of each cabinet option installed in real customers’ homes.
  • Mix and match cabinet styles and finishes with a few clicks.
  • Chat with a designer by phone, email, or even video chat.

When buying in-store:

  • Shop only when the store is open.
  • See few choices of available cabinets inside a staged kitchen layout.
  • View a narrow selection of cabinet options in the showroom or special-order brochures.
  • Schedule high-pressure sales appointments with a designer.

Benchmark Home Improvements | Online Kitchen Cabinet Store

These are just a few benefits of purchasing kitchen cabinets online. Visit the Benchmark Home Improvements online store today and start browsing hundreds of options to buy kitchen cabinets online.

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