You need an Expert | Cabinet Refacing means putting a new face on your cabinets. Since we re-cycle your old door fronts, this is the best practice for today.

You need an Expert | Cabinet Refacing

You need an expert to turn your old, worn out-looking kitchens into a source of pleasure and pride!

*We can do this without all of the dust, mess and timely installation  problems that come with a major remodeling job. In just a few working days you can have that kitchen of your dreams. Your friends and family will be amazed!

*We start by removing all of the old and tired looking doors; drawer fronts & drawer boxes. 

*Then we work on the surface of your cabinets. We carefully inspect the wood to determine exactly what repairs are needed. After repairing any problems, we custom cover the exposed cabinet frames with a whole new layer of veneer that is the same color of the doors you have chosen for your kitchen design style.

After all framework and exterior of cabinets have been refaced, we install Brand New Cabinet Restylers components such as: Doors; Drawer Boxes; Drawer Fronts; Gliders for Drawers; Hinges & Handles/Knobs

*By the time we’ve finished our Restyling magic, your cabinets will look just as good (if not better) than new. Not only can they look better, but with the addition of a few inexpensive options they can be much more functional too. Things like roll out shelves and tilt trays make it much more pleasant to work in the kitchen.

You need an Expert | Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Refacing (Restyling) means putting a new face on your cabinets. and since we are re-cycling your old existing cabinets, this is the most economical way to upgrade and update your kitchen today.