What Makes Us Better with Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

If your wondering what Makes Us Better with Kitchen Cabinet Refacing? Our Kitchen Cabinet Refacing will transform your kitchen from the old outdated mess to outstanding with less hassle and mess while saving you thousands. It’s time to restyle your kitchen today! 

What Makes Us Better with Kitchen Cabinet Refacing, Made in the USA
With over one hundred combined years of experience and extensive research and development, Benchmark Home Improvements is your best choice for quality,  performance, style and value. Our products do more than just look good, they are the most durable in the industry. We stand behind most of our products with a Lifetime Warranty and customer service that are second to none.

What Makes Us Better with Kitchen Cabinet Refacing? Our Performance!

Benchmark Home Improvements Laminate line of doors are made of the most durable products in the industry; Durable with impact resistance as well as water resistant. Our Wood Door line is made of the best hard woods and our construction methods offers a exceptional warranty.

Got Bad Cabinets?

For about half the cost, you can have a completely new modern kitchen. Benchmark Home Improvements starts with your old but sound cabinets and transform them into modern door and drawer fronts.

What Makes Us Better with Kitchen Cabinet Refacing? Our Sustainability!

All of our products promote sustainable energy practices. Benchmark Home Improvements makes one of the most energy efficient home improvement products in the industry.


Utilizing a  unique solution called SURFUSION  Technology, you won’t have to worry about the risks involved with color and pattern variations between thermofoil, high pressure laminate, melamine and edge banding. Our thermofoil refacing supplies – including two options in vertical grade laminate – use the same high definition thermofoil colors as our doors and accessories. With SURFUSION, we take the same material to make them all. Does it get any better than identical?Thermofoil Cabinet Door, Drawer Front, And Refacing Products

Our RTF (rigid thermofoil) cabinet doors and accessories all start with the highest quality medium density fiberboard (MDF) available today. We then take brilliant thermofoil patterns and apply them using a wide variety of technologies including membrane pressing, profile wrapping, and roll coating. Unlike other door manufacturers, we are not limited to thermofoil colors that “sort of” match HPL, melamine, or edgebanding. SURFUSION gives us the freedom to offer you the very best. No limits! No hassles! No worries!

As a world class distributer of thermofoil cabinet doors and thermofoil kitchen cabinet refacing supplies, Benchmark Home Improvements is dedicated to serving the needs of home remodeling and commercial companies.

Current economic conditions have made thermofoil refacing of kitchen cabinets more attractive than ever before. The difficulties involved in buying and selling a home have lead many home owners to look more closely at remodeling their existing home rather than buy new. Tight budgets have made the cost of completely replacing a kitchen difficult to absorb. If a new look is all the homeowner is looking for, kitchen cabinet refacing is the most cost effective avenue to take.

Whether you are currently offering kitchen remodeling solutions, using thermofoil refacing supplies as an option for your customers, or just looking to add thermofoil refacing to your remodeling business going forward, we have the complete solution necessary to help transform your customers’ old kitchens into something they will be proud of. With our SURFUSION solution, kitchen cabinet refacing, has never been easier. We take the most realistic, high quality thermofoils available and make our complete product line including vertical grade laminates in our kitchen cabinet refacing supplies, profile wrapped mouldings, stile and rail material, cabinet panels as well as one piece thermofoil doors.

Prior to SURFUSION, refacers were left with the daunting task of trying to match thermofoil, high pressure laminate, melamine and edge banding; all different materials made by different manufacturers.

Benchmark Home Improvements Refaced Cabinets are made 100% in the USA. We pride ourselves on creating jobs for our community and our dealers’ communities as well. Unlike other kitchen companies, whose products are made outside the country, we support the areas where we live.

Our Services Include:

  • Cabinet re-facing

  • Factory direct pricing.

  • Counter tops.

  • Laminate, granite and marble.

  • New cabinets.

  • Warranty.

You CAN have a completely new modern kitchen!!

Inconvenience is Major Factor if you were to Replace all your Kitchen Cabinets

When we reface your existing cabinets, the project is often completed within 3 to 5 days. There is little disruption to your daily routine. And, the dust and dirt is kept to a minimum. When replacing kitchen cabinets, you are forced to live without cabinets for one to five weeks or more, depending on the scope of the project.

This means you have to:

  • Eat out frequently, which increases your costs.

  • Set up a temporary kitchen.

  • Live with dust and dirt.

  • Replace your floor if it gets damaged during the demolition.

  • Repaint areas that get nicked during the demolition.

It can take weeks or months to complete a full scale kitchen remodeling, where cabinets are removed and new cabinets installed. Compare that with kitchen cabinet refacing: often in just a few days, our dedicated factory trained installers, crafts and installs new custom cabinet doors, drawers and hardware.
By simply refacing your cabinets instead of replacing them, you will save:

  • Time

  • Money $$$

  • Aggravation

  • Wear and tear on your other kitchen elements, such as your floor and counter tops.

The Low Cost of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing can Save You Thousands!
Replacing your Cabinets can cost $15,000 to $45,000, as it typically involved when remodeling the entire kitchen.

The cost varies based on:

  • The room size and layout.

  • The extent of the work to be completed.

  • Unforeseen issues or concerns during the project.

  • The type of wood and kitchen cabinet style.

  • The use of crown molding, accessories and other details on the kitchen cabinets.

  • Cabinet Transformations

Refacing your existing cabinets is the ideal choice for consumers that plan to keep the same kitchen layout, want the work completed in days not weeks, and who want to be able to use their kitchen during the remodeling process.

Our Cabinet Refacing Advantages:

  • No demolition is required.

  • Maintenance Free.

  • Can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

  • Doors & drawers have a clean uniform appearance.

  • More durable than wood.

  • Moisture, heat, scratch and impact resistant.

  • No need to change plumbing or any wiring.

  • Better Warranty.

  • All work done by our factory trained installers.

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One Stop Solution to your Home Improvement Needs

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