Cabinet refacing makes a great way to change the look of your kitchen without remodeling it. Kitchen remodeling projects are expensive and can interrupt your routine for weeks at a time. If you can’t commit to such a large and time consuming project, then cabinet refacing might be the perfect solution for you.

Consider trends in cabinet refacing, which involves changing the outside look of your cabinets. Usually, the process involves removing the doors, painting the body of the cabinets a new color, and then replacing the doors with something new. Contractors can do this to all cabinets, even the ones on the kitchen island and drawers in the kitchen.

You have so many options when it comes to cabinet refacing. It can be hard to choose what you want your new cabinets to look like. We have gathered some of the top cabinet refacing trends to help you decide what to do in your kitchen.

A Portsmouth kitchen before and after installing the latest trends in cabinet refacing

Trends in Cabinet Refacing Incorporate Natural Elements

One of the most popular cabinet styles right now includes the use of natural elements. Many people choose to replace their painted cabinets with plain wood. Wood cabinets, when done right, look beautiful in the home.

Cabinets With Neutral Colors

You may also want to go with one of the more popular color trends right now—neutral colors. This can include black, white, dark blue, or brown. These earthy tones help a kitchen look less busy and more modern.

What Accent Colors Work Best With Kitchen Cabinets

Using accent cabinet colors serves as another popular trend in today’s kitchens. These can be bold and bright to really draw attention and make the kitchen feel fun and exciting. If you want to include an accent color in your new cabinets, research color trends first. This way, you pick a color you love that will still look good a few years down the road.

Include Texture In New Cabinets

It is also popular now to include textures in your new cabinets. This can be anything from adding subtle wood grain to using wood to create designs or using shiplap in the kitchen. You will find this cabinet trend popular in New England kitchens, which look elegant and busy at the same time.

Increased Kitchen Functionality

Many people choose to do a complete kitchen renovation rather than cabinet refacing to improve the functionality of their kitchen. However, contractors can achieve this with cabinet refacing as well. Popular kitchen designs today include open shelving, glass doors on cabinets, and unique storage solutions.

Mixing and Matching

Finally, one of the best cabinet refacing trends is mixing and matching all the trends we have already mentioned. You will often see kitchens with both neutral and accent-colored cabinets, open shelving, and natural elements.

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