New Hampshire Bathroom Remodeling.

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New Hampshire Bathroom Remodeling

Am I making the right choice?


The porcelain surface over a cast iron or steel bathtub is not indestructible. Water and abrasion wear into your bathtub’s porcelain surface and degrade it over time. This leads to a dulled, hard to clean finish. There are a few solutions:

  • Replacing the existing bathtub is ideal for the person who is completely renovating the bathroom and has a home equity loan financing the project.

A bathroom is built around the bathtub. Bathtubs are installed when the house is built, after the subfloor and studs are in place, but before the walls are fully constructed, before even the plumbing is completed. In order to remove a bathtub for replacement, aspects of this process must be done in reverse. Once the new tub is installed, the process must again go forward until the room is finished again.

This option can be costly, from $2,500 to $5,000, because it requires more than simply purchasing a new tub. To complete a bathtub replacement professionally, you will need to involve the skills of carpenters, plumbers, drywall technicians and tile mechanics.

  • You may also re-glaze or repaint your existing tub.

Porcelain is factory applied to bathtubs at temperatures of about 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of this high temperature, reglazing or refinishing cannot duplicate the original finish on a bathtub installed in a house. Instead, the existing porcelain surface is meticulously prepared to be spray-coated with specialty paint, typically polyurethane.

While this option has the lowest short-term cost, it is an entirely temporary solution. All refinished bathtubs will need to be refinished again as a result of the coating wearing off. Expecting a refinished tub to last is like expecting nail polish to last.

  • Installing a bathtub liner over the existing tub will solve the problem for the long-term.

A bathtub liner is a custom molded shell which fits over the existing bathtub. Conforming to the existing tub’s shape, it will protect the tub from further damage and remain clean and new-looking under heavy stress. We use Acrylic Butyl Styrene (ABS) for our bathtub liners, a material so durable it is commonly used in airplane windshields, motorcycle and football helmets, kayak and sailboat hulls and a multitude of other applications where strength and durability is essential. Our liners come with new chrome-plated overflow covers and chrome plated drain spuds and will look like an entirely new bathtub.

Each liner is specially produced with a high gloss, easy to clean acrylic finish. It will not yellow or crack and installation takes only two hours. It is the most cost effective and fastest to install option for your bathtub repair or replacement solution.