Navy Blue shaker

If you’re looking for NH Kitchen Cabinets, the Navy Blue Shaker is a great choice!  The Navy Blue Shaker is part of our Shaker style collection, a timeless look guaranteed to last.

About the Navy Blue Shaker

The Navy Blue shaker style cabinets are very versatile. With their clean and simple lines they’re sure to go well in a modern or traditional style kitchen. The Navy Blue Shaker cabinet is making any space clean and crisp. The Navy Blue Shaker pairs well with almost anything and is very adaptable making them the perfect NH kitchen cabinets.

Navy Blue Cabinetry
Seacoast Kitchen Remodeling
Navy Blue
Navy Blue Cabinetry

1) Solid Wood Corner Blocks.

2) 3/4″ Solid Wood Dovetail Drawer.
3) Soft-Close Glides.
4) 1/2″ Plywood Sides.
5) 3/4″ Plywood Shelf.
6) Soft-Close Hinges.
7) Solid Wood Frame.
Rustic Brown Stain plywood construction