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Before you decide on Kitchen Cabinet refacing or replacement. There is a lot we can learn with the use of Commercial Kitchens. In a commercial kitchen where there is a lot of appetizing, attractive and savory meals that have to be prepared and assembled quickly and efficiently, everything must not only be ready, but within easy arms reach of the chef.

Typically everything is well-implemented in a commercial kitchen. It is designed around the easy access concept that chefs learn early on in culinary school. Each work station contains everything needed to prepare a meal, all within immediate sight and reach of the chef. This means, among other things, that each area may have its own refrigerator, waste containers, sink, cutting area, and assembly counter and warmer.

“Within easy arms reach” is a critical concept to consider. It does you no good if all of the ingredients for a meal are fully prepared — but across the room. A busy chef does not do much running around. Everything he needs is within his or her immediate reach standing in one place — movement is minimized, efficiency and speed optimized. 

A lot of this structure is just not needed in a home kitchen. After all, we do not need to prepare any one of twenty entrees, fourteen appetizers or thirty-one desserts at a moment’s notice. So your home kitchen does not need to be quite so efficient or quite as well organized (unless of course it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas or someone’s birthday). But while we do not need and probably cannot afford all of the benefits of a modern professional kitchen, many of the features of a busy commercial kitchen can easily find a welcome place in our home kitchens. 


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